Share about the love of Christ over the Christmas and Easter seasons by symbolic wearing flower pins.. Christmas: The Poinsettia, which represents the blood sacrifice of Christ's crucifixion. Easter: The Lily, which represents Christ's resurrection.

Both flowers come with a crown centerpiece to symbolize Christ's victory over sin and death which has brought salvation to His people.

Participating in the Season of Christ Project will provide an opportunity for churches and Christians around the world to network and work together for the Kingdom of God.

We hope to live out the will of God to work as one body and spirit to fulfill this vision of global evangelism.

Spread the love of God through evangelism and financially supporting people in need. One of our goals is to work with missionaries in third-world countries by providing job opportunities for the locals in handcrafting the flower pins. We pray for evangelism to naturally take place through this process as individuals become a part of the Season of Christ Project. 

*$2 donations per flower pin can be made in person upon receiving the pin or online.

Support local Missions as well as other Missions ministries within the diverse areas of education, politics, medicine, and more in order for the gospel to reach all parts of the world. We want to support the individuals working as ‘missionaries’ in each of their professional fields through both financial aid and in prayer.

We hope to develop a Christian network through the Season of Christ Project and find creative individuals who can be a part of the ‘Dream Team’ for Missions.