About SOC

The Season of Christ Project is a non-profit global campaign to spark conversations about the real meaning of Christmas and Easter.

Introducing the Season of Christ (SOC) Project

The initial idea for this project started with the question of how we could get all Christians and all churches around the world to collaboratively unite in sharing the gospel during Christmas and Easter – the two major Christian celebrations that naturally give us opportunities for evangelism.

What is exciting about this project is that we are able to share the love of God through the act of evangelism as well as through reaching out to those who are in need of financial support with the donation proceeds.

The reality of what Christmas and Easter have become in the 21st century world, and the fact that anyone can easily get caught up in the spirit of ‘materialistically celebrating’ these holidays, had really struck me about 10 years ago.

This realization inspired me to find a way to recover the true meaning of Christmas and Easter for the general public.

We look forward to having you join us in celebrating the Season of Christ in the most meaningful way.